domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

I wish...

I wish I could explain myself better than I actually do,
maybe through signs, through thoughts,
even through words or simply by writing a text,
or even better: by letting the time passing by!

But actually what I really feel,
is the absence of feeling strong,
to do what I want to do!

I want to move, I want to leave,
I want to be alone,
I want to be with the people that I love,
and with the people that also love me!

The source where I get my strenght from,
are my friends, my true friends
that, even if they do not know how important they are to me,
I know that they listen to me and know my deepest secrets...

There's one thing I am learning with life in the last couple of days/months,
and believe me, I am paying enough for it!
Sometimes, we don't care about how we want to realize our dreams!
We just want it to happen quickly, without thinking about it earlier!
And some times later, we regret every single thought we had,
and we wish to get back in our lifetime,
but we have to face the truth: it is simply not possible!

I am writing these phrases to make sure I know that I regret some things
that are happening right now in my life!
I am conscient that I am learning now,
with the mistakes I've done in the past...


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